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When it comes time to plan for estate liquidation, the process can be overwhelming and hard work. Do you know where to start? You begin by contacting and consulting with a professional estate service like San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services.

If an estate sale is something you need to plan for whatever the reason may be, hiring a great company such as San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services only makes sense. Their professional handlers are friendly and personable. Qualities that are valuable when working closely with their clients. With an in-house appraiser, an items price will reflect the actual value. This service helps with the goal of making sure of the best possible profit from the sale. No matter which path the client chooses, the estate service works hard to make their clients happy.

There are two different options and each option has its own process of preparing the sale of an estate or its contents. Whether you are the owner or executor of the property, you may not have much to do once the estate service takes over.
The following is a list of things for you as the client to take care before the estate service begins the sale.

1. If there are items, you wish to keep, remove them before the sale if possible. If not, clearly mark the items, and have the company move them to a secure location until you can claim them.

2. Do not clean up the place or throw anything away. The professional service you hired will take care of it. They know what does or does not sell and what they can or cannot sell.

3. Some items may require special handling or permits such as guns. The service can tend to this as well. It is their job.

4. Take all financial paperwork, important documents, and photographs with you. If you happen to leave, any of these items behind the estate service will make sure, they send them to you after the sale is completed.

5. If a vehicle is part of the contents to sell, make sure you have the title and the appropriate person has signed it before the sale so nobody has to look for that person after the sale.

6. Do not sell anything yourself or give anything away. Not knowing what the actual value of any item is, especially if it has been in the family’s possession for a long time, could lose you money.

If you are the executor of an estate and cannot be there to do these things yourself, the estate company should do them for you. They also should do a walk through video of each area capturing all of the contents. This will allow you to be able to view everything and be able to give them a list of items you want to keep.

There are many reasons for holding an estate sale. Even though many people will associate them with someone passing away, that is not always the case. A professional estate service may conduct estate sales for any number or reasons such as a change in location, divorce settlements, or downsizing.
The process of an estate liquidation sale or buyout as some call it is much different from an estate sale. What happens during estate liquidation is the estate service will purchase all of the contents of a property for a fixed amount.

A buyout is the surest and quickest way to empty a home and is helpful for a client that needs to come up with money in a very short period. Many times the clients will choose this route when the deceased resided in an apartment, gated community, or on leased property. All being places, needing to vacate quickly, estate liquidation eases the stress of having to move the contents.

There are actually several other instances when an estate liquidation service may be beneficial in selling your items. A wide range of services is available through San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services. It could be you need to have a single item appraised before selling it. Their appraiser can make sure you do not undersell something of real value. Other options could be to have them do consignments or sell them directly to San Diego Liquidation.

Estate liquidation services are a good resource if you are selling antiques, collectables, silver, or anything else with a high-end value. There are certain items that are in demand and if any of these are among the inventory to sell during an estate sale or brought to them for appraising, the offer by the service to purchase them is a benefit to the seller.

The qualities to look for when considering the use of an estate liquidation service will be important and will make a great difference in how successful your estate sale will be. When consulting with a service they should be professional, friendly personable, trustworthy, and have expertise in their knowledge of appraising valuables. You can determine an estate liquidation services reputation by the continuous use of their services by realtors, investors, executors or estates, and families. Please contact us today for a free consultation